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Artificial & Realistic Vagina | Fake Pussy Sex Toy

Huge range of artificial & realistic vagina for sale. Very realistic design, just like the real thing. Shop your own fake pussy sex toy at the lowest price.

What should you know about realistic vagina?

In fact, this is the most affordable realistic vagina. Its material is very soft. Gives you a skin-friendly feel. Want to experience ultra-real single sex? This is a good choice. Come and enjoy your happiness!

Suitable for various sizes penis: As you can see, this page lists pocket pussy in several sizes. And because pocket pussy have great flexibility. Therefore, there is a lot of leeway in terms of size. In other words, even if you can’t find a pussy that’s exactly the size of your penis. You can also find similar sizes. This completely wraps your penis and provides great comfort.

Very realistic vagina shape: Each realistic vagina is a replica of a real female vagina. And there are various styles. Supply vagina shapes for women of different ages.

Easy to clean: Because plcket pussy are smaller in size. So easy to clean. Just wash with soapy water under the tap.

Realistic internal structure: These realistic vaginas feature 3D textured internal threaded tunnels. Feel the perfect sexual stimulation every time your penis is stimulated.

Healthy Materials: These pocket cats are made from phthalate-free body-safe materials. Don’t worry about anything. Just have sex with them.

  1. Lubricate the penis first with lube.
  2. Use your fingers to lubricate the first few centimeters of the inlet to lubricate.
  3. Insert your erect penis into the entrance, slowly. Do not pull the entrance open with your fingers, be careful of damage to the entrance.
  4. Gently stroke your penis. Don’t pull the penis out too far or it will slip out. You must be fully relaxed.
  5. Start your pleasure when the insertion and extraction are smooth and you can push faster.
  6. To prevent semen from spilling during ejaculation, pinch the end of the channel with your hand.
  7. Wash the Realistic Vagina.

Customer Questions & Answers

If you are a fan of pussy games! But if you don’t want to spend too much time cleaning up sex toys, then a realistic vagina is definitely a good choice. offers realistic vagina sex toys with high quality and affordable prices, which will definitely meet your needs. Whether you buy or not, I believe our customer questions and answers will be helpful to you.

Yes, the pocket pussy is super stretchy. But don’t recommend turning them inside out completely as the end of the hole is not penetrated. Please open the holes for flushing while cleaning.

It is recommended to use human body lubricants. That way it will be easier to enter. It can also be replaced with lubricating liquids such as shower gel. The premise is to ensure that it is harmless to the human body.

What is the best way to heat up these pocket pussy? Is it compatible with heating rods?

You can use warm water. But the water temperature should not be too high. Of course, the heating rod can heat this pussy.

Under normal circumstances, it cannot be adjusted. But as your penis gets an erection, it will become tighter and tighter. If you really want to adjust the tightness, it is recommended to buy an extra size pocket pussy.

Certainly. All sex toys are privacy packages.

Certainly. As long as you can rinse off the soapy water. Then put it in a dry place to air dry. That’s okay.

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