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Why is a professional pocket pussy online store. All of our products are made of high-quality TPE and silicone material. If you are looking for the best pocket pussy sex toys, you are in the right place. Check out what we can offer below:

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Pocket Pussy | Fake Pussy for Sale | Best Male Masturbator Toys In 2024

Shop the best pocket pussy at Professional fake pussy & male masturbator toy supplier. Best price, Free shipping.

Sex is eternal. Every man crave sex. But addressing sexual needs is not easy. You don’t necessarily have a sexual partner around when you want to have sex.This time, you need a sex toy. The best masturbation sex toys for men are pocket pussy.

Learn More About Pocket Pussy......

As the name suggests, pocket pussy is a pussy that can be easily carried.

Isn’t it surprising? Yes, sex toys are amazing. In fact, pocket pussy is a type of Male Masturbator Sex Toys. Mainly refers to a male masturbator toy that looks like a tube. Also called fake vagina, realistic vagina, artificial vagina, etc.

Normally, there is a wrinkled passage in the middle of the pocket pussy. Then the port is a lifelike vagina shape, anus hole, or women’s mouths.You can stick your big dick in it.. Then hold it in hand. Rubbing penis all the time. Finally reached sex orgasm. This is real pocket pussy working principle.

DIY sex toys seem to have become a fashion. Many people want to know how to make a sex toy. For pussy sex toy, there is the same question: How to make a pocket pussy?

Of course, homemade pocket pussy is actually the easiest to succeed of all sex toys. However, success or failure depends on your DIY ability. And if there is no professional craftsmanship, it may be disappointing when masturbation is at the critical moment.

Anyway, try the following homemade pussy sex toy methods:

1.Towel tube making pussy sex toy

Get a towel, a latex glove, or a condom. Then roll the towel into a cylindrical shape. Then put the condom on the end of the towel. So you have completed a simple pocket pussy.

Warm tips:

First of all, the tube should be large enough to hold your erect penis.

Then, it is best to prepare lubricating oil or a condom rich in lubricating oil.

Finally, before installation, use warm water or microwave heating to soften your towels. That’s more comfortable for your cock.

2.Any short tube stuff + condom rich in lubricating oil

Such as toilet paper tubes, potato chip tubes, etc. It’s simple, put the condom on the end of these tubes. Then tighten the condom with a rubber band. Then penis is inserted.

The text description is not as exciting as the video show. If you want to learn more, you can go to YouTube to watch.

Most people care about which method of homemade pussy toys is best. In fact,  the above methods have disadvantages. Homemade pocket pussy is actually pretty rough.

I would say that homemade pocket pussy is for one-time use only. If you want to keep your sex life happy and want a pocket pussy that can be used multiple times, then you should buy a real pocket pussy.It only takes less than thirty dollars to enjoy good masturbation, why not do it? And it gives you a more real feeling. More like some porn movie star or the woman you like.

Pocket pussy is like a female vagina, there are various types to meet different sex needs. In short, no matter which type of pussy, it is very realistic. So in summary, there are four types of pocket pussy.

1.Artificial realistic vagina

This kind of real pussy completely replicates the shape of the vagina. Then, lifelike varicose veins and bumps were designed inside. This can increase the resistance to penis entry. Thereby stimulating the peripheral nerves of the penis. Definitely, most people like a penis to enter the vagina.

In order to satisfy the different hobbies of fetishists, designers have designed many shapes of pussy. There are supplies from virgin vaginas to mature women’s vaginas.

2.Fake ass anuses

Anal sex is never taboo. Many people are addicted to the compactness of the anus. This realistic anal pocket pussy has everything you need for anal sex.

This kind of male sex toy usually imitates an anal hole. Although it is an imitation, it is extremely realistic. Similarly, there are many varicose veins and irritation points inside. If you want to try tighter sex, then anus pocket pussy is the best choice.

3.Blow job oral sex toy – mouth

Blow job oral sex is a kind of sex. For men, the penis is particularly comfortable to be held in the mouth. But oral sex requires a sexual partner. Even with a sexual partner, oral sex may be rejected. Because penis inserted into the mouth may cause vomiting. So, you need to consider this blowjob machine.

This mouth pocket mainly simulates the feeling of oral sex during sex. Likewise, there are many vein bumps inside. And there are many styles. For example, some have mouth shapes, some have teeth, and some have tongues. On the higher end are the more expensive sex machines for masturbators. These high-end sex machines even feature automatic sucking.

2 in 1 pussy and ass masturbator

3D realistic textured vagina + oral sex mouth are a 2 in 1 pussy and ass masturbator. There is also a real vagina + anus hole 2 in 1 pussy and ass sex toy. In other words, the two ends of the tube have different holes. Any combination of mouth, vagina and ass.

2 in 1 pussy ass masturbator is a super cost-effective type of male sex toy. You can enjoy both types of sex by purchasing a cat and ass 2-in-1 male masturbator. It was a great sex experience.

For many years, pocket pussy has always been an important part of male sex toys. Especially high-quality fake pussy, plays a very important role in solving sexual needs and improving sexual ability. In any case, there are many benefits to using pocket pussy.

Solve the necessary sexual needs

Whether you are a single man, married, or have a girlfriend, there are times when you want to have sex but can’t get it. Especially on a lonely night, your hands can’t help but start playing with your penis. Then you start masturbating.

However, it is not good to solve the problem with both hands for a long time. This can lead to sexual dysfunction. That’s not good for healthy sex. Then at this time, you need a masturbator. There is no doubt that pocket pussy is a very cheap and effective masturbator.

The textured pocket pussy with flesh on the inside perfectly replicates a woman’s vagina, anus or mouth. You can experience very realistic sex. Don’t worry about any sexual dysfunction.

Sexual endurance exercise

You may be dissatisfied with your ejaculation time. When you have sex with your partner, it won’t last long. That is really annoying.

Now, you need to consider increasing endurance exercise. It’s great to have sex all the time. Why use this pocket pussy? This is actually the best reason. Maintain endurance training and extend your sex time. Make your woman scream.

For women, the pocket pussy can make your man 100% absolutely loyal and passionate to you

If you are in a long-distance relationship, do you always worry that he will hook up with other women? You have the same concerns during pregnancy or menstrual period. Indeed, this is annoying.

If you equip him with a realistic pocket pussy, there is nothing else to worry. As we all know, men are lower-body animals. After solving the sexual needs, he will not take the initiative to hook up with other women.

Must-have for couples’ sex and flirting

If you are not satisfied with your sex life, you should reflect on sexual foreplay. Because foreplay occupies a very important position in sex life. Foreplay makes the body secrete a lubricating fluid. So it is easier to make sex life better.

If pocket pussy is involved in your sex life, the foreplay will be even more exciting. In the foreplay stage, pocket pussy is put on his penis to help him get an erection. Then the rock-hard penis will last longer in the vagina.

Easy to carry and clean

Generally, pocket pussy is very light. Compared to sex doll or sex doll torso, these pocket pussy are especially easy to carry. Just put it in your pocket or briefcase. Then, you can enjoy sex with the cute pussy anytime, anywhere.

In addition, pocket pussy is made of high-level silicone. Very easy to clean. Before and after use, just rinse with clean water.

In summary, pocket pussy is definitely a super cost-effective investment. At the same time, remember to buy high-quality pocket pussy. That can guarantee a good sex experience.

In general, there is no substitute for real sex. Because sex is an interactive process. But pocket pussy can simulate real sex. In other words, sex with sex toy pussy is definitely better than hands.

If you add lubricating oil and warm water to the pocket pussy, then your penis has a feeling of being inserted into a warm and moist vagina. And the opening of the pocket pussy is very close to the real vagina.

Some people like to stroke the labia of pocket pussy. Then fantasize about touching women. Finally, penis inserts the pussy. Yes, this is the complete sex. So fake pussy toy really feels like real sex.

For any sex toy, cleaning is very important. So it is necessary to clean the pocket pussy before or after every use. Cleaning pocket pussy is easy. It only takes two steps.

First, use antibacterial soap. Rinse with clean water. Supports warm water at most. Refuse to rinse with boiling water. At the same time,At the same time, complete internal cleanliness also needs to be guaranteed.

Then, wipe dry. Use wet wipes or towels to dry. Make sure not to leave any water. You use a fan to air dry. Alternatively, place a clean towel under the pocket pussy and let it air dry freely in the shade.


  1. Most pocket pussy sex toys can be opened. But it must be gentle. Otherwise, it will tear.
  2. Do not share your pocket pussy
  3. You can purchase a special cleaning kit. But water and antibacterial soap is a great cleaning kit.

It’s very simple. Doing anything with pocket pussy is to make your penis comfortable. The most basic usage is to insert your penis into this lifelike pocket pussy. It’s like masturbating with your hands, but it feels completely different. Use pocket pussy to make you feel more real and comfortable.

At the same time, remember to use lubricating oil.No damage to the penis due to dry rubbing. By the way, warm this pocket pussy with lukewarm water before sex. You will feel a very real tight vagina.

There are many ways to play. For example, you can lie in bed. Then put pocket pussy on your big dick. Close your eyes and imagine yourself enjoying the sensation. After you are extremely relaxed, get your penis erect and ejaculate in it.

Sex toys store on the street

There are sex toy stores in every city. You can go directly to a sex toy store and buy pocket pussy. But it will be a little embarrassing. Some stores may be far from you. Unmanned vending machines can also be considered. But if you don’t have a vending machine near you, it can be a big hassle.

Sex toys online shop

Male adult products suppliers can be searched on Google. On this you can choose a better supplier to buy. It is recommended to choose a site that only offers pocket pussy. Because they are more professional. I recommend you search This is a website dedicated to providing affordable and high quality pocket pussy1.

If you choose to buy online, the biggest disadvantage is that you can only see pictures of the Pocket Pussy and not be able to see for yourself whether it is good or not offline. But don’t worry too much because most of the toys are the same as the pictures. And you can choose to place an order through the reviews of other sellers. And not so embarrassing. Online shopping sites sell very well. And now the transit time for international shipping is greatly reduced. In this way, you can quickly experience your own pocket pussy.

Choose the best purchase plan according to your actual situation.

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